About Me

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Sarah Heaton

I’m a children’s book writer who writes sometimes serious, but usually seriously silly, picture books, chapter books, and graphic novels. I get inspiration from zany things that I observe in the world around me, my riotous kids, and from my childhood memories with lots of extended family. I love to listen, laugh, and share stories with others. That’s why I’m glad you’re here!

About me:

  • I grew up in Southern California surrounded by extended family. I have 4 siblings and 44 cousins! My childhood memories are all about traditions and hanging out with family.
  • My mom was a school librarian. She taught me to read when I was really young. Since then, I have usually been found with a book in my hands.
  • If I’m not reading kidlit fiction, I’m probably reading a cookbook! I used to cook breakfast for my family every weekend when I was a kid, and I always loved an excuse to bake cookies. I still do!
  • I’ve moved a lot as an adult, but now my family is settled near Philadelphia, PA. I’m lucky to have 4 amazing kids and a fabulous husband who all love to read as much as I do. We also love hiking, going to the beach, watching silly movies, and playing games.
  • When I’m not writing or reading, I love to create things. I sew clothes for myself and my kids, knit, fix things, cook, and bake. I love to try new things and learn new skills.