I’m so lucky to be part of some amazing critique groups. I have a local group, a picture book group, a funny writers group, a poetic group, and of course, @6and_MANuscript, the brains behind #KidlitZombieWeek.

Not familiar with Zombie Week? It’s an annual event hosted on Twitter focused on helping kidlit writers raised their “buried” manuscripts from the dead. We’re here to help you dig up those moldy, terrifying, long-forgotten manuscripts and breathe new life into them.

#KidlitZombieWeek keeps me pretty busy for its duration, but when I have downtime, I’ll be revising a lyrical nature story, finding the perfect ending for a humorous animal story, and generally flipping through my spiral notebooks looking for “Aha!” moments.

If the fun of revising doesn’t encourage you to participate, maybe the prizes will! See you June 6-10, 2022!

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